Elegant Art Events proud to present latest innovations of artificial inelegance in Events fields:

Humanoid interactive robots Van and Mr. Robot.

They can help you to make your event in Dubai special and unique.

How the robots can be used at your events?
There are several roles that promobot can play:

  • as Promoters for exhibitions;
  • as Hosts for conferences;
  • as EMCEEs for corporate events;
  • as photobooths for product launch event;
  • as interlocutors for any kind of events.

They are the robots-entertainers completely self-contained “live” with a robot character. It is designed to work in areas with high concentrations of people where the robot promoter helps with navigation, answers questions, translates promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it had to communicate.

Our Robots for exhibition attract the maximum audience of the advertised product, and exclude people from this process because they work independently. Suffice it to start the robots, and then the robots will independently recognize people, to offer them to promote products and advise on predetermined topics.

Mr. Robot

Robot Van

People love talking to robots. The robot is something unusual in our life that’s why everyone is excited to talk with it, to ask something or just to come near, to see what a handsome guy is here.

Robot Van has a very friendly appearance and it easily catches attention, people want to communicate with Him and they trust Him. When this robot for events starts talking about your product or service or just demonstrates a promo material about your company, customers at least will remember your brand! This is important.

Advantages of Robot Van:

  • promotes the product by chatting with humans;
  • shows video and pictures on his display;
  • prints out pictures of customers with special customize frame;
  • makes marketing research with special customize questionnaire;
  • provides customer analytics service;
  • offers free-style interaction with customers, dances, sings;

Mr. Robot.

Mr. Robot is humanoid robot-entertainer with possibilities to be integrated into complex business processes. It integrates with internal systems of companies and acts according to the individual practical application cases. It can replace an administrator, promoter, guide, concierge or sales person.

Mr. Robot is the first robot in the world who speaks Arabic!

Advantages of Mr. Robot:

  • Improving the efficiency of business tasks
  • Improving the quality of service
  • Improving the mood and loyalty of customers
  • Facilitating the work of key staff
  • Standing out the company among competitors
  • Informing about new discounts, promotions, products
  • Helping to associate the company with high technology
  • Positively influencing the financial performance of companies where the robots work

Do you want to turn your event into something interesting and interactive? Hire our robot promoters for rent or just buy one! It can relieve the workload from your managers and make your event unusual and unique.

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